WHAT IS THE INCOME TAX RATE IN HURON? - The City of Huron has a 1% income tax on gross wages and earnings. FILING IS MANDATORY, regardless of whether or not your employer withholds for you. Income tax returns are processed by the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A) . contact R.I. T. A with any tax filing questions.  Failure to file results in penalty and interest charges assessed and/or court action.  For general inquiries, contact the City of Huron Finance Department at 419-433-5000 ext 3.

WHEN IS THE LAST DAY TO FILE INCOME TAX? The Last day to file Huron Income Tax is April 15th.


HOW IS WATER SERVICE BILLED? -The City of Huron provides and bills for water service. The amount of the bill is based on a flat availability charge (based on meter size) plus a usage charge of $2.60 per 100 cubic feet of water used (effective 1/1/2008), and is billed quarterly (every three months).  YOU MUST APPLY IN PERSON AT THE FINANCE OFFICE FOR WATER SERVICE.

HOW IS SEWER SERVICE BILLED? - Sewer charges are billed by Erie County.  Contact Erie County at 419-627-7640.


HOW IS GARBAGE HANDLED? – Garbage/recycling and optional yard/food scrap waste are billed quarterly on the water bill. Two (2) 30-gallon bags or cans of garbage are collected at the curb on every Monday. Your garbage, recycling bin, yard waste containers must be placed at the curb by 7:00 A.M. every Monday morning.  One green recycling bin is provided.


HOW IS YARD WASTE/FOOD SCRAP HANDLED? -  Yard Waste/Food Scrap participation is optional.  You may apply for this service at the Finance Department or download an application from the website.  From the curbside, the garbage collection agency will collect yard waste placed in 20-35 gallon containers, clearly marked in at least two inches letters, "YARD WASTE."

The garbage/recycling/yard waste/food scrap collector for the City of Huron is Fultz & Son, Inc., based in Clyde, Ohio


DOES THE CITY OFFER LEAF PICK-UP SERVICE?   Currently the city provides for the pick up of leaves through Fultz & Son, Inc.  Residents must place leaves in either biodegradable leaf bags or utilize containers marked "Yard Waste" and set these at the curb by 7am on Monday morning.  Service runs the first Monday in October through the last Monday in December. 


DO I NEED TO HAVE A PERMIT TO HAVE A YARD/GARAGE SALE?  Yes, per the Codified Ordinances of the City, you are required to purchase a permit to hold a yard/garage sale.  Permits may be purchased at the City Manager's office Monday -Friday  8a.m.- 4 p.m at a cost of $2


DO I NEED A PERMIT FOR WORK BEING DONE IN A CITY STREET AND/OR RIGHT OF WAY AREA?  Yes, Per the Codified Ordiances you are required to obtain a permit for any work being done in the street or right of way area (driveway approaches, curbs, sidewalks, sewer lines, etc.)  Permit applications are available on this website under the tab STREET DEPARTMENT, or available at the Finance Office Monday-Friday 8am-4pm or the Service Complex Monday-Friday 7am-3pm


WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TRIMMING/PRUNING OF LOW HANGING OR DEAD BRANCHES  IN THE RIGHT OF WAY OVER HANGING STREETS OR SIDEWALKS?  Per the Codified Ordinances, property owners that abut the right of way are responsible for maintenance.  As defined:  12' above the roadway, 16' above the roadway on truck routes, 10' above sidewalks.  Note:  Property owners are also responsible for the maintenance and/or removal of trees located in the right of way area.