The City of Huron Water Division is proud to present our Water Quality Report.

In complying with recent legislation, we have developed this report to provide you with valuable information concerning your drinking water. This report will emphasize the quality product that the City provides, and shows that your drinking water is and will continue to be safe.

Click here to view the current Water Quality Report in it’s entirety.

More detailed information is provided in the City of Huron’s Drinking Water Source Assessment report, which can be obtained by calling the Water Treatment Plant Superintendent.

Backflow Prevention and Cross-connection Control

For information regarding the city's Backflow Prevention and Cross-connection Control program, click on the link below to the city's Codified Ordinance:

Chapter 917- Backflow Prevention and Cross-connection Control


Annual Backflow Maintenance/Test  Reporting Form

Information and Procedures during a Boil Alert


Water Regulations, Rates & Tap Information

For information relating to water regulations, rates, and  taps please refer to the city's Codified Ordinance:

Chapter 915 - Water Regulations and Rates

Click here for Water Service Tap Instructions and Application


Contact us

500 Cleveland Road West/10 Waterworks Drive
Huron, OH  44839
Phone (419) 433-9502  or 419-433-5000 ext 240  


Water Filtration 

Jason Gibboney, Water Superintendent- Laboratory Manager

(419) 433-9502 or 419-433-5000 ext 282

Email the Water Superintendent


Wesley Brewer, Assistant Water Superintendent

(419) 433-9502 or 419-433-5000 ext 280

Email the Assistant Water Superintendent

Water Distribution

Terry Ochs, Distribution Foreman

Email the Water Distribution Foreman

(419) 433-9504 or 419-433-5000 ext 230